Baylor University Nutrition Students Visit


Baylor Nutrition Students Visit Mission Guatemala

In late-May we were honored to have Nutrition and Food Sciences professor Dr. Janelle Walter and 7 of her students from Baylor University’s Nutrition Sciences Program spend a week with us here in Guatemala.  During their action-packed days here, they presented a program of nutrition-oriented activities, games, and songs in the Nueva Esperanza, Chutinamit, and Caliaj schools; installed a stove for a rural family in Chipop; and observed and helped provide feedback on the food preparation and menus of our feeding programs in the communities of Nueva Esperanza and Pacaman.  In Nueva Esperanza, the group also applied a coat of paint—the final touch—to the community’s new playground, which had been constructed over the past months by three other Mission Guatemala volunteer teams.

The Baylor group also got to join Mission Guatemala and Nueva Esperanza in celebrating the one-year anniversary of our feeding program in that community, which daily provides a hearty and healthy lunch to the approximately 100 students enrolled in the school’s six grades.  The day of celebration, which also served double-duty as the inauguración of the playground, began with a presentation by each school class of a song or a dance, as well as one by the Baylor University group (“I’m a tortilla!”), and ended with a special lunch of caldo de pollo and cake, as well as all the swinging, sliding, and climbing that the children could stand.

We’re very excited to have had the opportunity to get to know this group from Baylor University and we look forward to seeing them again in the future!


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