Meet The Children Of Choquec!

Today we are excited to introduce you to the students of the Choquec elementary school, which is the new location of Mission Guatemala’s full time nutritional lunch program!

At the end of this month, we will be serving the last meals in the community of Nueva Esperanza, where, thanks to the generous support of our child sponsors, we have served over 100,000 lunches since the inception of the program in 2011. Though we will miss being able to share a daily meal with all our friends in Nueva Esperanza, we are excited to have the opportunity to build new relationships and friendships as we begin this new chapter of the nutritional lunch program in Choquec, where the first meals will be served beginning in mid-July!

Nestled in the hills of the municipality of San Andrés Semetabaj, the community of Choquec is made up of over 57 families and has 97 children currently enrolled in the local public elementary school.

During the past two and a half years, Mission Guatemala has had the opportunity to get to know the community of Choquec through our “Como Saludable” program, which provides a healthy and nutritious lunch to all the students of the school once a week. The “Como Saludable” program is a collaboration with the communities in which Mission Guatemala provides the ingredients and supervision for the preparation of the food and the parents and teachers cook and serve the meals.

We are excited for this new opportunity to love and serve the community of Choquec through the full time nutritional lunch program there, and we hope you’ll join us in this new chapter! Below you will find a link to a photo and short bio of the students of the school, along with the opportunity to sponsor a child and help support the lunch program for the children in the Choquec elementary school.

We are so grateful for the generous support of our child sponsors, who have made Mission Guatemala’s full time lunch program possible, and we hope that you’ll join with us to “do all the good we can!”

Please click here to meet and sponsor a child from Choquec!