What We Do

Mission Guatemala's philosophy is based on John Wesley’s teaching to “Do all the good you can”.

As a United Methodist-related organization, Mission Guatemala believes that all people deserve to be respected and have their basic needs met and that Christians have a calling to help others where they are able. Therefore, Mission Guatemala collaborates with community members, international mission teams, and other non-profits to help meet the needs of underserved Guatemalans in the service areas of health, education, nutrition, and community development.

Program services are funded through generous donations and sponsorships, with the majority of this support provided by United Methodist Church congregations. Project execution relies on the many dedicated volunteer mission teams who come for week-long trips to work in the communities.

Our current projects include:

  • Medical clinic, pharmacy, and on-site laboratory
  • Nutritional programs for chronically malnourished children
  • Community development projects
  • Vocational training programs
  • Scholarship program for middle and high school students