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Becas Con Misión – Most of us take the opportunity to have access to a middle and high school education for granted, but here in Guatemala, the education that the government requires and readily provides ends at 6th grade. While the level of elementary school enrollment generally approaches 100%, because of the lack of access and increased cost of a middle school education, the percentage of Guatemalan youth who continue their education past the 6th grade drops to below 50%.

The "Becas con Misión" (Scholarships with a Mission) program helps provide an opportunity for students who have the determination and grades—but not the financial resources—to continue their education past the 6th grade, which is still the only educational level that the Guatemalan government requires and readily provides.

The students selected for the "Becas" program are chosen based on a variety of factors, including economic need, grades from elementary school, and recommendations from their 6th-grade teachers. Once accepted into the scholarship program, students will have the opportunity to continue in the program throughout middle school and beyond, as long as they maintain a 75% average each semester.

The scholarship program covers costs including:

  • Inscription 
  • Tuition 
  • School supplies
  • School uniforms
  • Free access to Mission Guatemala’s medical clinic

With an average monthly cost of just $25 a month for middle school students and $50 a month for high school students, you can help empower students, their families, and their communities through the gift of education!

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