Computer Classes for Middle Schoolers!

In the spring of 2015, Mission Guatemala began a partnership with the public middle school here in San Andrés Semetabaj to open a computer lab for the school's students. The need for such a facility had become especially critical at that time, given that the local private computer school that had previously been providing the classes had raised their prices considerably, making it difficult for many families afford the right for their children to learn.

This past fall, thanks to the computer lab, we were excited to celebrate the fourth class of 9th graders to graduate from the public middle school, receiving a certificate from our computer lab to accompany their diploma of graduation. And once again, as we started this year, we welcomed another group of both new and returning middle schoolers for another year of affordable, high-tech learning!

These classes not only give the students a chance to develop the typing and computer skills that are required by the Guatemalan Department of Education in order for them to graduate middle school, but it also allows students to prepare to enter the workforce, where many jobs require at least a basic understanding of computers and word processing.

Four years after they began, these classes are as vital as ever, and we are excited to share these photos of last fall's graduation, along with pictures of some of this year's students learning new computer skills from their teacher, Francisco Matzár Mendez.

We are especially thankful to the congregation of Methodist Temple UMC, who have made this computer laboratory a reality through their support of our vocational school!

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