Kikoten Snack Program Celebrates Another Year!

Today, our full-time snack program at Escuela Kikoten in San Andrés Semetabaj begins its third year, and the students and faculty marked the day with a special celebration!

As part of the morning's activities, each class took the stage in front of students' parents, the school faculty, as well as Mission Guatemala staff members, and presented a special performance that they had prepared. There was singing (in Kaqchikel AND English!), traditional folkloric dances, and even a performance by a mime troupe made up of the school's first grade class!

When the performances were over for the day, everyone had the chance to enjoy a hearty mid-morning snack of tostadas, along with cake, to celebrate the special occasion.

The full-time snack program is a collaboration between Mission Guatemala and Escuela Kikoten, with Mission Guatemala providing all of the ingredients for the snacks, along with a cook to oversee the food preparation each day, and the mothers of the students taking turns to help prepare the food each day.

We are grateful to Johns Creek United Methodist Church in Johns Creek, Georgia, and other amazing Mission Guatemala supporters, who, in 2018, helped to make possible this healthy and delicious snack for each student on every school day for the entire school year! That's over 20,000 meals throughout the year!

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