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Serving our community

Mission Guatemala's clinic is once again open this week, as our medical staff continue to serve our sisters and brothers here in the San Andrés Semetabaj area. During this time, the clinic is open on a limited basis to attend to emergencies and patients with greater need.

As local residents follow the directives of Guatemala's president and of local municipal leaders by staying home and helping to "flatten the curve," the numbers of patients being seen at our clinic are much lower than normal. Even so, we believe that it is still of critical importance to remain available in order to help limit the distance that patients have to travel to find care, thereby limiting their potential exposure to COVID-19.

Beginning yesterday, patients' ability to travel to access care has been complicated even further, as President Alejandro Giammattei has established a national curfew which prohibits citizens from leaving their homes from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. each day.

Today, our clinic doctor, Dra. Lidia, shared these photos of her, along with nurses Jessica and Esther at work, along with pictures of Doña Rosa and Doña Irma, who are helping to clean the clinic spaces at the end of each day.

Having a well-equipped local clinic and pharmacy staffed by excellent medical personnel is critical for the San Andrés area, and we are grateful to each member of our staff whose dedication and willingness to serve makes this possible.

We are also unendingly grateful to each one of you for your prayers and support, and for your willingness to join us in "doing all the good we can."