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Safely Celebrating New Life!

Happy Tuesday, friends. This morning we're excited to be able to share some good news from Guatemala! In the midst of all the darkness around the world, we hope this bright spot brings you as much joy as it did us.

Our clinic doctor, Dra. Lídia Balan, passed along this photo to us over the weekend, and shared with us:

"The face shields are very effective, and all are grateful! The CAP (Permanent Government Clinic) in Panajachel performed a delivery, and thanks to the face shields the health personnel were protected, and at the same time they ensured that the newborn was safe as well!"

For several weeks now, the Mission Guatemala team has been producing PPE for healthcare workers, including these face shields. This aspect of personal protective equipment is vital, as it provides an extra layer of protection for those working within the healthcare field, and in addition, protects the people those healthcare workers serve.

So far, we have distributed 370 face shields to government clinics, volunteer fire departments, and other front line workers across the area.

With face shields still in short supply in the Guatemalan public health system, we are incredibly thankful to amazing supporters like you, who continue to make the production of this equipment possible!

If you'd like to help now, please visit or click the "donate" button at the top of our Facebook page!