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Serving Our Neighbors in Panimaché Quinto Bajo and Chuti Estancia

Over the past week, we delivered boxes of food supplies to families across many of the communities where we serve! We focused especially on families who are part of our "Niños Chispudos" (Kids With A Spark) early childhood nutrition program and our "Becas Con Misión" (Scholarships with a Mission) scholarship program.

We also provided each family with a supply of handmade, reusable face masks, which our staff members have been busy making over the past several weeks. In addition, for families with greater need, we also provided a bag of cleaning and hygiene supplies, including a gallon of liquid hand soap!

Today's pictures are from distributions in the communities of Panimaché Quinto Bajo and Chuti Estancia. We will share additional photos from other communities later this week.

When the first restrictions were put in place here in Guatemala on March 16 in response to the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country, the Guatemalan government promised aid and support to help families weather this difficult time, and since then has taken out millions of dollars of loans, allegedly for this purpose. However, over 3 months later, in most of the country, and especially in rural areas, any help or support from the government has yet to be seen. 

Whenever possible, we delivered the supplies from house to house in order to limit any large gathering of people. Many of the families spoke of the difficulties they're encountering in providing the basic necessities for their family as this crisis continues, and of their gratefulness for this act of love and solidarity and support for their families from Mission Guatemala.

Today—like every day—we're grateful for you and your support of Mission Guatemala that makes this possible! If you'd like to help us continue this important work during this unprecedented time in the history of Guatemala and the world, please visit and give today!

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