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COVID-19 Update from Dra. Lidia

Today, we're glad to be able to share a COVID-19 update from our clinic doctor, Dra. Lidia Balán. As cases continue to rise in Guatemala, medical professionals—including our clinic staff—are facing an increased risk each time they head into work to serve patients.

As we mentioned last week, the Mission Guatemala team has been hard at work to design and create new PPE (personal protective equipment) items including waterproof scrub tops and pants, as well as hats and gowns to share with medical and frontline personnel here in Guatemala.

By Dra. Lidia Balán

Here in Guatemala, we are continuing in the fight against COVID-19, with cases on the rise and with the government unable to control the virus in the hospitals, much less in the Permanent Government Clinics (CAP) of each municipality. There are now confirmed cases in all parts of the country, and the population has begun to enter a crisis of despair, of no longer knowing what to do, of whether they should continue with the protective measures implemented by the government or just let whatever happens happen.

Many people are dying from the virus, and there is no longer a specific age group at risk, it can affect anyone. And one of the saddest realities is that many of the lives that have been lost are those of the health personnel who are struggling day by day both to save others' lives, as well as to protect themselves from the virus. But because of the few resources available, it is impossible for them to be well protected, and there no longer are days when healthcare workers are not lost.

Because of this, Mission Guatemala, with the motto of "do all the good you can," continues working to see how we can best help others and at this time, we are doing that through the creating of waterproof items of PPE, including scrub tops and pants, as well as hats and gowns. Once again, all of our co-workers from the different areas of Mission Guatemala have come together and, as we find ways to adapt to the changes, are carrying out this work, so that very soon these items of PPE will be ready to be delivered to provide protection to fellow healthcare personnel within the public health system.

At Clínica "La Misión", Mission Guatemala's clinic in San Andrés Semetabaj, we have already begun using these items of PPE, and each one of us are grateful to each of the donors, the board of directors, our great bosses, our designer (Abigail) and to each one of the staff team who are dedicated to making these items of waterproof protective equipment.

Thanks to these pieces of PPE, I and the rest of the clinic staff feel much safer and more protected as we attend to the different medical needs of the patients who come to the clinic. Each day, as we serve these patients there is the concern not only of us being exposed to the virus, but also of the risk of us exposing our loved ones to it when we go home, however with these new suits we feel safe and protected and able to work in harmony and without fear, which is what each patient needs to help them to have a quick recovery.

Thank you, truly, to each one for your donations, and for your support and your understanding in these times of calamity that we are going through. We know there are difficult tests that will come, but we carry on each day and will continue standing strong for as long as God allows us, as we continue doing all the good that we can together. God bless you all!!