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Ten Years of Community Outreach with Mission Teams!

We have enjoyed celebrating 10 years of "doing all the good we can together" over the past few months, and we have one last area to share! The final core area of Mission Guatemala's work that we want to highlight is our Community Outreach with Volunteer Mission Teams.

Since 2010, Mission Guatemala has had the privilege of working alongside 3,700 team members from 304 mission teams from all over the United States, realizing construction projects benefiting communities across the municipality of San Andrés Semetabaj and the surrounding areas. Each of these projects were selected through collaboration with leaders and schools in each community in order to identify possible projects and to ensure that each project matched the unique needs of the community.

Through the financial support of our mission teams and donors, along with the hard work of both the mission teams and our local construction crew, we have been able to work on 26 construction projects in 19 local communities and schools! This meant building much needed bathrooms, handwashing stations, classrooms, kitchens, soccer and basketball courts, among others. In addition, many mission teams organized afternoon vacation Bible schools and other activities, continuing the unique relationship we have with each community.

As our 10th Anniversary celebration nears the end, we want to ask that you help us complete the celebration! Instead of us sharing our pictures with you, we want you to share your favorite memories from construction projects and activities within the communities that Mission Guatemala serves!

Please post a photo on facebook or instagram and tag us! Also, please include the year and location of the project!

It is because of YOU that we are able to "do all the good we can" in the communities we serve here in Guatemala! To see how you can be a part of the work we do, please visit!

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