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Scholarship Students Share Their Stories!

A scholarship student shares her story.

As we continue to celebrate Mission Guatemala's 11th Anniversary, we are excited today to share a video highlighting our "Becas Con Misión” (Scholarships with a Mission) program, in which you will get to meet some of our scholarship students and have the opportunity to hear from them how the scholarship program has impacted their lives and their education!

Students are selected for the "Becas" program on the basis of both economic need and their grades in elementary school, and the scholarship helps cover a significant part of the student's school-related expenses, as members of our staff share in the video. And for as long as each student maintains their grades and meets the other basic requirements of the program, Mission Guatemala will continue to support the students, beginning in middle school and continuing until they graduate from high school!

In past years, students in the program have also had the opportunity to participate in enriching, relationship-building activities and workshops organized by our staff! And though over these past 2 years the pandemic has limited our ability to offer the students in the Becas program the access to these activities as in years past, we hope that in the future we can not only provide these opportunities again, but that we can also expand the support that the scholarship program provides to each student!

In 2021, MissionGuatemala provided 92 students the opportunity to continue their education past the sixth grade. We thank each and every person whose incredible generosity, support and prayers have allowed Mission Guatemala the opportunity to provide access to education for these amazing students!

To watch the video, click here!

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