Our Mission

We exist to help meet the basic needs and improve the quality of life of under-served Guatemalan people through health, education, and nutrition initiatives and meaningful missionary service. Together, we can make a difference!

Today, we share with you a COVID-19 update from our clinic doctor, Dra. Lidia Balán. We are grateful to our medical and clinic support staff, who, over a year since the start of the pandemic, continue to serve patients during this unprecedented time.

Hoy les compartimos una actualización del avance del COVID-19 en Guatemala, por la doctora de nuestra clínica, Dra. Lidia Balán. Estamos agradecidos con nuestro equipo médico y equipo de apoyo, quienes, por más de una año desde que inició la pandemia, han continuado sirviendo y atendiendo a los pacientes durante este tiempo inusual.

Last month, we gathered our full staff together outdoors at the River House—with our 3 stateside staff members present via Zoom—to have lunch, share a devotional and to provide the staff with new information as well as general updates. This was actually only the second time our entire staff has been together since the pandemic began!