Our Mission

We exist to help meet the basic needs and improve the quality of life of under-served Guatemalan people through health, education, and nutrition initiatives and meaningful missionary service. Together, we can make a difference!

Here in Guatemala, our staff members continue to work—in the field, in our medical clinic, and at home—as we meet this new challenge head-on. At our clinic in San Andrés, we continue to be open on a limited basis to attend to emergencies and patients with greater need. We're taking every precaution available to reduce the risk to each other, as well as to the communities we serve.

As local residents follow the directives of Guatemala's president and of local municipal leaders by staying home and helping to "flatten the curve," the numbers of patients being seen at our clinic are much lower than normal. Even so, we believe that it is still of critical importance to remain available in order to help limit the distance that patients have to travel to find care, thereby limiting their potential exposure to COVID-19.

After being closed Tuesday and Wednesday following President Giammattei's announcements, and after reviewing the situation and the continued need for local medical care, this morning we have re-opened Mission Guatemala's clinic on a limited basis, in order to be able to attend to emergencies and patients with greatest need.