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Late this summer, we shared a week filled with hard work, learning, and a ton of laughter with our amigos from Advent United Methodist Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina, and LifeJourney Church from Indianapolis, Indiana!

Thanks to a generous donation, we were recently able to provide the teachers of the Kikoten school with a set of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and an interactive computer program to aid students of the school in their research and learning!

Eight years ago, for the people in and around San Andrés Semetebaj, access to affordable, high-quality healthcare simply did not exist.

It's Throwback Thursday: Education Edition!

The United Nations Development Programme recently released their latest annual Human Development Index report, in which a vast array of statistics from various countries are compiled to create a comprehensive overview of the development of countries from around the world. Of the 189 countries included in the report, Guatemala now ranks in the bottom third at 127th, having fallen two places since the last report.

As we celebrate our anniversary, and look back over the years, we want to share these pictures of the first meals being served in the community of Nueva Esperanza in May 2011.

Earlier this summer, we had the chance to share a week with two more amazing volunteer teams! One group was sent by Madisonville First United Methodist Church in Madisonville, Kentucky, our long-time friend and partner, and the other was a first-time group from Auburn First United Methodist Church in Auburn, Indiana!

This past June, we spent a week with two amazing teams from the Hoosier State; one from Zionsville United Methodist Church, in Zionsville, Indiana; and the other from LaPorte First United Methodist Church in Laporte, Indiana!

We spent a wonderful summer week with our long-time friends from Castleton United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, and our new (who dat?) amigos from Jefferson United Methodist Church, Baton Rouge, La!

Earlier this summer, we shared a week with two more amazing teams from Indiana, Christ United Methodist Church-Indianapolis and Methodist Temple UMC in Evansville!

Mission Guatemala's "Becas Con Misión" scholarship program students recently spent a day at the River House for a workshop entitled "Féria Informativa."

We were thankful to have had our long-time friends from West Lafayette, Indiana in Guatemala again recently! Christ United Methodist Church and Our Saviour Lutheran Church have sent many teams to work with us over the past several years.

We had the opportunity last month to host a wonderful group from the University of Indianapolis​ in Indianapolis, Indiana! This was the first week that a group from U Indy had spent working with us, and what a busy week it was!

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to travel to Alotenango, a small town located just 7 miles from some of the areas most impacted by the recent eruption of Volcán de Fuego...

Sewing Program Students Graduate!

Desks and Chairs for Choquec!

Over the past months, in addition to the opening of our laboratory, we have also broadened the range of services that we provide at Mission Guatemala's clinic!

We were happy to have our good friends from Advent United Methodist Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina in Guatemala again!

On this International Women’s Day, we want to take the opportunity to recognize and thank each of the incredible, strong, and capable women on our staff.

We’re excited to welcome the community of Chuiya into our “Como Saludable” Wednesday lunch program!

Near the beginning of each school year, to kick off a new year of our "Como Saludable" (How Healthy!) lunch program, Mission Guatemala staff members present a cooking workshop in which mothers and teachers from the local communities learn to cook the meals used in our "Como Saludable" weekly lunch program in several local schools.

We recently had the pleasure of working alongside a fantastic group of volunteers from St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Overland Park, Kansas!

As 2017 came to an end, we were excited to welcome in the New Year alongside an amazing group of volunteers from Plymouth First United Methodist Church in Plymouth, Indiana!

Construction on Mission Guatemala’s “Casa del Maestro” (House of the Teacher) building project continued throughout the fall months thanks to the hard work of teams from Elberton First UMC in Elberton, GA; Noblesville First UMC in Noblesville, IN; Calvary UMC in Brownsburg, IN; The Promise UMC in Fishers, IN; Roberts Park UMC in Indianapolis, IN; Zionsville UMC in Zionsville, IN; and Bluegrass UMC in Evansville, IN!

The first lunches of the 2018 school year were served this week in Mission Guatemala’s daily lunch program at the public elementary school in the community of Choquec!

We celebrated the beginning of a new year of the daily snack program at the Kikoten school in San Andrés this past week, which was also the first anniversary of this program at the school!

We are excited to welcome the community of Caliaj as the newest member of Mission Guatemala's early childhood nutrition program, "Niños Chispudos" (Kids with a Spark)!

This past August, we shared a week with an amazing group of hardworking volunteers from Assurance United Methodist Church in Huntersville, North Carolina!

A new school year in Guatemala is beginning once again! And once again, we're welcoming new and returning students to Mission Guatemala's scholarship program, "Becas Con Misión" (Scholarships with a Mission).

Now in their 7th year, Mission Guatemala's community Christmas parties are always a highlight! This year, we had the chance to celebrate with not just one, but TWO amazing communities in the San Andrés area!

For the 8th year in a row, Mission Guatemala distributed Christmas food baskets in a local community in San Andrés Semetabaj!

This summer, we had the pleasure of welcoming teams from two wonderful churches located in Georgia and Tennessee!

We shared a wonderful week this past summer with teams from Lake Orion United Methodist Church in Lake Orion, Michigan, and Corydon United Methodist Church in Corydon, Indiana!

Mission Guatemala welcomed an incredible team of 43 volunteers from Madisonville First United Methodist Church in Madisonville, Kentucky!

We were excited to welcome one of our largest teams, a youth group from First United Methodist Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Guatemala earlier this year!

Earlier this year, we had the privilege of working alongside two amazing mission teams from Illinois and Mississippi!

Earlier this year, we had the chance to spend a week with two fantastic teams from great state of Indiana!

Mission Guatemala was excited to share a week earlier this year with a team from Newburgh United Methodist Church in Newburgh, Indiana.

Earlier this year, we spent a fantastic week with a hardworking team of volunteers from Grace United Methodist Church of South Bend, Indiana!